La Guinguette
French & Italian Music Trio
Robert Lunceford         Christiane Lelaure        Al Haas
     accordion                  vocalist            guitar & vocals

Close your eyes and let the music of La Guinguette transport you into the heart of Paris, or perhaps a small town or village in southern Italy.

Enchanting melodies made famous by the likes of Edith Piaf, Fabrizio De André,

Lucienne Delyle, and  Jacques Brel are woven into an embroidery of accordion, guitar,

and vocals, performed in the original French and Italian languages.

“The trio was able to impress it’s audience with precise phrasing, perfect intonation, and of course the native French of Christiane”        Philip Beard • Alliance Française de Santa Rosa

“Nothing beats this stellar trio for setting the mood of an evening at a cafe in Paris, or Italy..........

Christiane has a wonderfully intimate vocal style that makes the audience fall in love with her, and each other”           Andrea Van Dyke • Event Producer Occidental Center for the Arts

“Everyone absolutely loved the music performed by La Guinguette”

Renee Baldocchi • Director of Public Programs/Cultural Encounters Initiative • De Young Museum

“The La Guinguette concert was a lovely occasion...we were all delighted by the charm of Christiane and her accomplished musician accompanists on accordion and guitar. Together they had the ability to

transport us back to a Paris that still lives for many of us in our memories - the music of Piaf, Brel and others of that era - so nostalgic!”

Michael Savage • Managing Director of The San Francisco Opera (1994-1999),

Former Executive Director of the Napa Valley Opera House


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Photography by Maite Klein

Sous Le Ciel de Paris

La Guinguette performing at The de Young Fine Arts Museums

San Francisco, California • July 13, 2012

During the 18th century a French revolution began!

The thriving material culture of Paris spread to the small towns and villages beyond the city limits. Commodities such as alcohol were considerably less expensive when consumed outside the jurisdiction of Paris, being they were exempt from city taxes. This resulted in the growth of an entertainment industry just beyond the reach of the city’s tax collector.

Establishments known as “guinguettes” were soon opening outside of Paris along the banks of the Seine and the Marne rivers.

The guinguettes proved to be popular destinations on weekends and holidays when Parisians would visit to enjoy music, dancing, and drink.

The term “guinguette” is still used to describe a waterside refreshment place, particularly an open-air cafe.