Un Deux Trois & La Guinguette

Un Deux Trois
French Music with a TwistUn_Deux_Trois.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
La Guinguette
French & Italian Music TrioLa_Guinguette.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

Two Different Bands • Two Different Approaches

Un Deux Trois blends the sounds of accordion, guitar, and electric bass to create a contemporary sound that is faithful to the tradition of French music.

Bal Musette, traditional dance music, song, and original compositions make up the repertoire of this innovative trio.

La Guinguette will take you back in time to the French and Italian street cafes of 1900 -1960’s. The melancholic sound of accordéon, acoustic guitar, and voice creates a mood that is perfect for these enchanting songs and melodies which were made famous by the greatest musicians of this period.

You may contact us by email at:

Un Deux Trois • udt@sonic.net

La Guinguette • france@sonic.net

Un Deux Trois and La Guinguette are based in the San Francisco North Bay Area, in Sonoma County, California.